How to use SmartArt graphics in PowerPoint 2013

If you are working with PowerPoint 2013, you should also have a look at SmartArt graphics. These can make your presentations stand out. Single bullet points can be illustrated nicely with this tool and you can format the graphics and personalise the presentation to your liking.

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Let’s start with how to insert and format SmartArt. With SmartArt graphics you can illustrate a process or relationship or to simply make a boring list more interesting.

To Insert SmartArt you need to

1. Click on the Insert SmartArt icon
2. Choose the type of SmartArt to add
3. Click OK

ppt grap1










Figure 1- add SmartArt

Once the chosen SmartArt is on the slide, you can start to add text. Simply click into the field and add headlines and bullet points.

ppt graph2









Figure 2- Type into the shapes or into the text pane

SmartArt is a simple to use solution that allows you to be more creative when making your next power point presentation. Now that you know how to insert SmartArt, have a look at the next step.

Adding additional shapes to SmartArt

If you need more shapes in the overall SmartArt diagram it is easy to add them. You can add shapes by using the ribbon or through the text pane.

To add shapes using the ribbon

1. Click on the starting shape
2. Select Add Shape Before or Add Shape After

ppt graph3

Figure 3- add more shapes






To add shapes using the text pane
1. Click at the end of a list
2. Press enter to get a new bullet point
3. Press backspace to promote the bullet to a new shape
4. Type in the heading
5. Press enter – a new shape will appear
6. Press tab to turn the shape into a bullet point

You can also use the Promote and Demote icons on the SmartArt Tools Design Ribbon.

ppt graph4





Figure 4- promote or demote shapes

Now you know how to insert and use SmartArt graphics in PowerPoint 2013. These graphics help to personalise your presentations and will give them a creative touch. To find out more about Microsoft Office 2013 programmes, check out “How to insert tabs in Word 2013” and “How to quickly create a chart in Excel 2013”.

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