Algebra-Based College Physics:..

Algebra-Based College Physics:.. Part II Electricity to Nuclear Physics

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This book (Part I and Part II) grew from the request of the author’s students to provide a concise, but yet comprehensive text of the key topics and concepts covered in his algebra-based introductory physics course at a comprehensive public university. Any scientific discipline can only be mastered if the key concepts are applied to a wide-range of problems. Physics is no exception, and this book is intended for use along with one of the existing college-physics texts, where a much greater selection of practice problems can be found.

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13 Electricity
13.1 Electric charges and forces
13.2 Electric Field
13.3 Work and Electrostatic Potential
13.4 Capacitor and Dielectric Material
13.5 Capacitors in Series and Parallel

14 DC-circuits
14.1 Electric Circuits
14.2 RC-circuit

15 Magnetic Fields
15.1 Magnetic forces and magnetic fields
15.2 Electromagnetic Induction

16 Electromagnetic Waves

17 Geometric Optics
17.1 Mirrors
17.2 Lenses

18 Physical Optics

19 Special Relativity

20 Quantum Physics
20.1 Photons
20.2 Wave nature of particles
20.3 Atomic Physics

21 Nuclear Physics


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