Conscious body language …

Conscious body language … Your most sensational soft skill

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”Life is hard”. How many times have we heard that?

What if right now, being on “Technology’s cutting edge” is making it even harder and sharper? What if in fact, technology and all the scientific hard skills it has produced are now culminating in one sharp, defined and possibly brittle singular peak?

What if our technology has, in fact, engulfed us and our behaviors have changed to accommodate it, often without even knowing it?

Humans need softness. Every day more of us are looking to reconnect with our emotions, communicate and relate with more compassion and empathy. Are there skills that can help us do this not only at home but in business? Welcome to the world of conscious body language and the sensational soft skills that can help you better use the most powerful and important communication tool you have, your body.

Product Description


  1. Peak hard skills
    1. Lack of trust, the current situation
    2. Knowledge is no longer enough
    3. Human doings versus human beings
    4. Life in a spreadsheet
    5. Digital versus analogue
    6. Has management become an anachronism?
    7. Leadership, the rising star
  2. Conscious body language, so what?
    1. The advantage of becoming more human
    2. Conscious health and well-being
    3. The roots of behavior
    4. Motility versus mobility
    5. Business consciousness
    6. Becoming sensational
    7. Understanding, a multidimensional word
  3. Sensational soft skills
    1. Presence
    2. Inspiration
    3. Gravity
    4. Conscious touch
    5. Consent
    6. Congruency
    7. Enjoyment
  4. Incorporating Conscious body language in the workplace
    1. Sensational leadership
    2. Courageous selling
    3. Inspiring and engaging presentations
    4. Service you can feel
    5. Teamwork diversity through dialogue
  5. Conscious mastery
    1. Expertise and mastery
  6. A conscious and sensational future
    1. Beyond survival
    2. Conclusion


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