How to ask for what you want at work

How to ask for what you want at work

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What everyone wants at work is to be valued, to be respected, and to be heard. But let’s be honest, do you always get what you want at work? Are you always the perfect communicator?

“How to ask for what you want at work” takes you on a journey of self-discovery. Get to know your own personal communication style and see how to adapt it to become more assertive and effective.

This book helps you to articulate your message and say “no” to taking on extra work; it shows you the way to delegate, ask for a pay rise or promotion, get your new team to follow your lead, and be confident that you are heard and your needs are met.

Product Description


  1. From dream scenario to reality
  2. Why the reality happens
    1. Personal Communication styles
  3. Which style are you?
    1. Communication style quiz
    2. How to score the Communication Styles Quiz
  4. How to put that right
  5. Raising confidence levels
  6. Knowing your triggers and how to act differently
  7. Assertive communication
  8. Planning is everything
    1. Technique 1 – Positive thoughts/positive actions
    2. Technique 2 – The right attitude
    3. Technique 3 – Looking the part
    4. Technique 4 – Non-confrontational conversation
  9. Negotiation


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