Travel and health

Travel and health

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Normally, we never really bother to muse over the unavoidable relationship between travel and health. While on one side, traveling is bound to affect your health; on the other, your state of health is sure to influence your journey. A little care and a wee bit of wisdom is all that it takes to ensure that you remain in a state of good health even when you are constantly on the move, wandering from one place to another for reasons that could be personal as well as professional.


If you are a person suffering from diabetes, you ought to know that you should preferably avoid travelling long distances alone. Even if you have to, you should carry your medications and your diabetic identity card along with a bottle of fruit juice and snacks or sugar candies to pop in just in case you begin to experience symptoms of hypoglycemia.


People suffering from varicose veins of the lower extremities should avoid sitting in the same posture for hours together at a stretch as this can lead to the formation of a blood clot in the veins, which may dislodge and then move via the bloodstream into smaller blood vessels elsewhere so as to trigger a heart attack or stroke.


Motion sickness is a very common problem that affects a sizeable population. Some ways of preventing it is by sitting on one of the front seats of the vehicle, facing the direction of movement, and munching on some light snacks that are not too salty or fatty. You can take an antihistamine drug prophylactically before starting your journey.


If you are planning to visit another country, find out more about the place and the diseases that are prevalent there. You may have to get vaccinated accordingly before you board your flight or set sailing. When travelling, avoid eating anything that is being sold open. Always opt for seal packed food items and packaged drinking water as buying food and drinks prepared by local hawkers can make you more susceptible to food poisoning due to contamination of these products.